Penguin Love Pebble and Gifts

The story of the Adelie Penguin giving a gemstone pebble to the mate they choose for life is true.

This was even made into a movie called "The Pebble and the Penguin". 

During the mating season Adelie Penguins as well as other kinds of Penguins will present his/her gemstone love pebble as a form of penguin jewelry to the one he or she most desires. If the gemstone pebble is accepted, they are bonded for life because the gemstone pebble is symbol of commitment and love and what mate does not want to have fine jewelry?

Purchase your Penguin Love Pebble and Certificate today confirming your love and admiration for the one you love. Your pebble is a natural gemstone pendant either heart shaped or natural free form ( Your Choice ) with a 20" silver metal necklace in its own gift box along with a beautiful gold threaded Penguin Love Pebble Certificate¬©. Frame not included. Become a registered member of clubb penguin jewlery. These are the perfect penguin pebbles.  












































































































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